Welcome to the New(er) designplusawesome.com

Posted by Richard Rudy on 20 February 2014 | Comments

design + awesome has been fairly busy over the last new months. We've launched the new handling.com, and sites for WaveCheck and Boardwalk International. Last summer I spoke at Wordcamp Hamilton on how mbile webdesign is needed because we broke the web (sildeshare). I also took some time to build porkandsmoke.com as a playground for me to try new techniques and talk about about something I love as much as web design: BBQ.

But I finally thought was time to make some changes here. Same old design, but I've put SilverStripe in the back-end instead of static HTML and I reworked the site using all new sexy HTML and CSS3, so some feature may not work on some older browsers, but I figured lets ship and then tweak it.

I'm also working on the next version of our Real Estate CMS, something more modular and maintainable. We'll be rolling it out into it's own product currently called prprt.es.

I'm going to try and make time to start writing more and keep this up to date.

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